“To help me face the day, I sometimes take a few minutes to read books containing daily inspirational messages. Within the pages, the words of enlightenment hold the potential of increasing my creativity, clarity, strength, and wisdom. In a perfect world, this enlightenment happens daily. In my world, however, true inspiration is a rare event. Most mornings, II wake up feeling like a bumbling idiot. Confusion and cynicism make my goals and my dreams seem stupid. In those moments, I can hardly remember whether I ever had higher spiritual goals, and I really don’t care. The Book of Blah was written with those foggy days in mind. This book’s stupid, purpose-free daily messages can offer comfort and humor to the life of the uninspired reader. More importantly, however, The Book of Blah can teach individuals how to find entertainment value in laughing at themselves and making fun of others. Amazingly, this activity is probably the most advanced lesson in the long road to spiritual enlightenment that anyone can learn!”


“As a mom of a highly active kid, I find that my level of serenity goes up as her TV watching time increases. I encourage this activity whenever possible. (Supervised, of course. Hey- don’t judge me! I’m just trying to survive each day. HELP…me…)”

“When I was young and single, I considered it a good day if I accomplished my tasks as perfectly as possible… But I’m older now, with a family of my own. My goals are different. Now, I consider it a good day if I am fully dressed and if my shoes match.”

“Did you ever wonder where the height and weight tables came from? No one seems to know. Some people say an insurance company created them in the 1960’s. I contend that these tables were fabricated by some bald, skinny, bored guy who needed a job and wanted to torture people.”


Hey God

If My Life Has A Purpose,

Why Does It Look Like A Circus


The second book from popular author, Pamela Aye Simon. This slightly irreverent but always funny book explores the common questions that most people wish they could ask God. In these personal, sometimes trivial conversations with God, Pamela shines the light of humor on our daily hectic lives.

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